How to store the Christmas bulbs?

How to store the Christmas bulbs?

Photo: Morten Normann Almeland

How do I take care of tulip and hyacinth bulbs that I have had in indoor events and that I want to put out in the open in the spring?

Response: When the bulbs are in bloom, let the green leaves continue to grow. Water regularly but sparingly. When the leaves turn yellow, stop watering and let them wither. The bulbs remain in completely dry soil, or you pick them up and store them dry and dark.

Then plant them out in the spring. They will then not bloom again until next spring.

Store the Christmas ham like this

The Christmas ham can become an unpleasant bacterial hotbed if you handle it incorrectly. Here are the mistakes many make but which you should avoid.

Handle the Christmas ham correctly so you do not get a stomach ache. PHOTO: boy

A ham sandwich in the evening. Surely it is one of the most cozy golden moments of Christmas?

But remember to store slices of ham that are left over in the right way. Follow the professor's warning:

Storage tips

So we also come to the part I promised in the beginning. How to store tulip bulbs. Bulbs should be stored cool and dark. If you have a storage room where you have a little cooler, the suggestion is to store them there. Also make sure to open the bags they are in to minimize moisture. The bulbs are freshest at the earliest in the season and it is good if you can get them down to earth in September.

The advantage of planting the bulbs well in advance is that they also have time to take root a little before winter and this in turn benefits the flowering in time. What happens if you put them on late is that they may come up a little later than expected. Of course, this does not have to be wrong. As I said, I do both!

I will show a little later how I do when I fill pots with onions!

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This is how you take care of and store your fingernails in the best way

Do it yourself
If you prefer a kitchen with unpainted wood and rustic elements, perhaps a self-made glass holder can be in place? Alternatively, you can check out stores that sell boat accessories. Just by being on land, they feel more obvious in a real kitchen and smaller marina.

Order and order
Here you really have everything in one place! Nice, and above all, smooth. If you find that the glasses that have been hung upside down have absorbed the smell, you can neutralize it by pouring in some wine and turning it around in the glass.

Odorless environment
As I said, wine and champagne glasses are sensitive to absorbing odors, which can then affect how the drink tastes. Therefore, be sure to store them in an odorless environment. Is there any unused space at home? If you, as here in the picture, have space under the stairs, it is a great place!

Store batteries properly - this is what you should do

1. Recycle old batteries at once - avoid having them lying around at home.

2. Tape the battery terminals with electrical tape whether you can recycle it at once or not - if you recycle several batteries that are together, they can be short-circuited on the way to recycling.

3. Never store batteries with metal objects such as paper clips, keys or other batteries (new or old).

4. Do you have to have the batteries lying around at home - tape the poles with electrical tape.

5. Store new batteries in their original packaging or tape the poles if packaging is missing.

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